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A condo lease agreement is specifically designed for condominium leases. It lays out the lease terms regarding a residential unit (condominium) between a tenant and a property owner. Both parties are bound by particular rights and obligations, allowing them to stay transparent throughout the cooperation.

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Condominium Lease Agreement

A condominium (condo) lease agreement formalizes the arrangement wherein an individual (tenant) temporarily secures occupancy rights to a residential unit from the property owner (landlord). This document transparently conveys the mutual commitments and obligations binding both parties throughout the rental term.


A condo rental agreement enables the tenant and the landlord to begin the rental tenure with a clear understanding of their rights and responsibilities, promoting a stable relationship.

When to Use a Condominium Lease Agreement

The condominium lease agreement is necessary in multiple situations when a condo is leased. These are typical scenarios where it will be very advantageous:

  • A lease allows landlords to stipulate clear terms upfront. This transparency ensures a lawful, conflict-free transaction from the start.
  • Tenants looking to move into a condo unit have just as much stake in this agreement. By spelling out the rights and responsibilities of each party, a condo rental contract provides tenants with security and avoids misunderstandings about expectations down the road.
  • Circumstances may also call for amending the terms of the original lease. When changes need to be made, both parties should document the new conditions formally through a revised lease. This establishes that everyone is on the same page with the modifications.
  • Similarly, if a landlord and tenant wish to extend the rental period beyond the original lease duration, the proper method is to execute a new condo rental lease agreement.

Terms and Parties of Condominium Lease Agreement

Two primary parties and several key terms of a condominium lease agreement are defined below:

  • Tenant: The individual or entity that intends to lease a condo.
  • Landlord: The party that holds ownership of the condominium unit and is responsible for leasing it to another party.
  • Rent details: The monthly rental amount, the due date for payment, and the preferred payment method.
  • Security deposit: The initial sum the tenant will pay as a safeguard against potential property damages.
  • Condominium rules: Regulations or policies pertaining to the occupancy of the property according to a condo leasing contract (e.g., noise levels, pet policies, maintenance responsibilities, etc.)
  • Lease term: The agreed-upon time frame for which the tenant will occupy the condominium unit.

How to Create a Condominium Lease Agreement

The writing process will be considerably easier if you use a free condo lease agreement template. This is a step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make this document:

  • Download the template: Find a condo lease agreement (PDF or Word formats are available on Juroform). It will form the basis of your lease arrangement. You can then customize it to fit your specific situation.
  • Identify the parties: Include the landlord’s and tenant’s personal information (names and addresses).
  • Provide details: These include the property address, monthly rent amount, security deposit required, lease term length, and rules about occupying the condo.
  • Review the agreement: Carefully read through the entire document before granting consent.
  • Sign the agreement: Once the terms are reviewed and accepted, sign the agreement to make it legally binding. Also, add the date of execution.
  • Retain a copy: Keep a copy to refer to it or revisit the provided terms, if needed.

If you have any doubts while making or checking condominium lease forms, it is wise to consult a legal expert. The attorney will clarify all the details of the document and assist in reducing the possibility of future disagreements.

A well-drafted condominium rental contract clearly outlines the rights, rules, and responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. You may quickly alter and download free condo lease agreements from Juroform to produce a comprehensive and legally sound document tailored to your rental case.