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A cohabitation agreement is a document entered into by two individuals who are unmarried but live together as a couple. A cohabitation agreement template details each partner’s rights and obligations concerning finances, property, and other matters. It helps negotiate terms and prevent future conflicts.

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Cohabitation Agreement

A cohabitation agreement is a legal document listing the terms and conditions that unmarried couples living together agree to regarding their shared financial matters and property, including all other issues that may arise. It also clarifies the rights of the parties in the event of a breakup.

Creating a cohabitation agreement from scratch can seem challenging, especially if you have no legal background. However, a free cohabitation agreement template can make the process much easier. You won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving out important details – a cohabitation agreement template will prompt you to include all the necessary information. That way, you can end up with a comprehensive agreement without starting from a blank page.

When to Use a Cohabitation Agreement

A cohabitation agreement provides transparency in various scenarios. There are a few common situations where couples may consider signing this agreement:

  • Acquisition of joint property: If you plan to make any purchases together, like a house or car, the agreement lays out how those shared assets would potentially be divided in case of a breakup.
  • Protection of separate property: When the parties decide to end the relationship, the agreement may protect each party’s separate property against claims made by the other.
  • Income disparity: A cohabitation agreement sample can also be useful if one partner has a considerably higher income. The agreement protects the partner’s income and assets while allowing for a fair balance of expenses and ownership between the parties.
  • Imbalance in expense contribution: Regarding expenses, a simple living together agreement is great for clarifying how costs like rent, groceries, and bills will be distributed – especially if one person is covering more of the living expenses. It prevents future disagreements over financial contributions.

Terms and Parties of Cohabitation Agreement

The partners choosing to live together are the two main parties entering into a cohabitation agreement. They agree on how to split expenses, assets, and potential support obligations.

Some of the main terms that the example of cohabitation agreements cover are the following:

  • Joint property: This refers to any major assets the partners purchase as a couple while living together.
  • Separate property: This is the opposite – any personal property, assets, or inheritances each partner owned individually before cohabitation.
  • Financial support: Any monetary consideration one partner would pay the other in the event of a separation.
  • Household expenses: Describes how much each partner contributes to the shared bills and costs (e.g., utilities, food, household supplies, etc.).

How to Create a Cohabitation Agreement

Here’s a quick, step-by-step tutorial on creating a cohabitation agreement form:

  • Fill in the partner’s details: Specify the partners’ full names and provide the address where the parties cohabitate.
  • Define asset ownership: You’ll need to clearly spell out what property and assets belong to each partner separately versus what counts as joint property you share.
  • Highlight expenses and financial support: Decide upfront how expenses like rent, utilities, insurance, etc. will be divided between the partners. You can also agree to terms for providing financial support in the event of a breakup.
  • Review and sign: Before signing, make sure both parties understand and accept the terms of the agreement. It’s also recommended to execute it in the presence of a notary public to ensure authenticity.

A cohabitation agreement paves the way for a peaceful living arrangement by fostering open communication and understanding between the parties. The living together agreement template, free of charge, will cover all essential clauses. You just need to modify the template with relevant details to fit your specific needs and circumstances and retain a copy of the cohabitation agreement (PDF or printed form).