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A jet ski bill of sale helps individuals and companies buy or sell watercraft vehicles safely and confidently. In this bill of sale, you can specify the jet ski details, condition, price, location, and date of purchase. Both parties can ensure complete protection from legal disputes and extra liability during this transaction.

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Jet Ski Bill of Sale

When buying or selling a personal watercraft (PWC), a jet ski bill of sale fulfills an essential function for the parties. It confirms ownership rights for the new owner and provides protection for the seller as well. As soon as the bill of sale is completed, they are formally released from any future claims or obligations pertaining to that specific jet ski.


Getting a thorough bill of sale for a jet ski is a beneficial investment that protects everyone’s interests.

When to Use a Jet Ski Bill of Sale

A jet ski bill of sale typically includes all the specifics of the transaction and any associated terms, conditions, warranties, or guarantees. Here are some scenarios when you may need this document:

  • Selling a used jet ski: As the current owner looking to pass it on to someone else, a jet ski bill of sale gives you proof of the sale and releases you from any future liabilities with that jet ski.
  • Buying a used jet ski: On the buyer’s end, this paperwork officially transfers ownership of the jet ski. The document shows the buyer legitimately owns a personal watercraft now, which can prevent any disputes down the road.
  • Gifting a jet ski: If you’re giving a jet ski without any monetary consideration, this document confirms that ownership transfer, making it a clean and clear gift and releasing you from potential liabilities.
  • In cases of legal requirement: Certain states require this documentation to register a used personal watercraft like a jet ski. Having the PWC bill of sale just makes the registration process more accessible.

Terms and Parties of a Jet Ski Bill of Sale

A personal watercraft bill of sale is basically a contract between two parties – the seller, who currently owns the jet ski, and the buyer purchasing it.

Key terms typically incorporated into this document are the following:

  • Sale price: The amount that the buyer agrees to pay the seller for the jet ski.
  • Description of the jet ski: All the specifics about the make, model, year, color, identification number, any unique features or modifications, etc.
  • Date of sale: The exact date when the sale and ownership transfer takes place.
  • “As-is” statement: This means the jet ski is being sold in its current condition. The purchaser accepts any jet ski defects at the time of sale.

How to Create a Jet Ski Bill of Sale

Crafting a bill of sale for jet ski and trailer is pretty straightforward once you know the key details to include. Follow these steps to fill in the template and get a comprehensive document:

  • List the parties’ details: Include the full names and mailing addresses of both the buyer and the seller.
  • Describe the jet ski: Any bill of sale for jet ski must include comprehensive details about the watercraft, such as the year, make, model, color, identification number, or any other relevant characteristics.
  • Define the sale price: Spell out the final agreed-upon price.
  • Specify the sale date: Note the specific date on which the sale and ownership transfer will occur.
  • Add “as-is” clause: If applicable, indicate that the jet ski is being sold “as-is” (in its current condition with any existing issues).
  • Signatures: Both parties must sign the document to show they understand and agree to all the terms.

At its core, a bill of sale jet ski serves as a legally binding record that holds both parties accountable to the agreed-upon terms. It safeguards against potential conflicts down the road by clearly documenting the transaction details in writing. It promotes transparency and trust between the buyer and seller and stands as evidence of the legitimacy of the transaction. Find a jet ski bill of sale (PDF or Word formats) on Juroform, customize it to your needs, and use it to finalize the sale of your jet ski with the buyer.