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A general bill of sale template matches any items you wish to buy or sell, from personal things to vehicles. A bill of sale is legal proof of a purchase and sale deal that occurred in a specific location and costs a particular amount. This document may be required when registering a vehicle or transferring its ownership at a local DMV.

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A moped bill of sale serves as legal proof of a scooter or moped sale transaction. The parties who created and signed this bill of sale rely on complete legal protection, clearly outlined requirements and consent, and proper transfer of ownership. Use this template to create a legally binding scooter bill of sale for multiple deals.

A moped bill of sale serves as legal proof of a scooter or moped sale transaction. The parties who created and signed this bill of sale rely on complete legal protection, clearly outlined requirements and consent, and proper transfer of ownership. Use this template to create a legally binding scooter bill of sale for multiple deals.

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Bill of Sale

A bill of sale proves the sale & purchase deal has occurred between two persons. Whether you’re selling or buying items like vehicles, personal items, or animals, a bill of sale form acts as a receipt for the transaction. It helps avoid future disputes and protects the legal rights of both parties.


Creating this essential document has never been easier with these available free bills of sale PDF forms.

When to Use a General Bill of Sale Contract

You need a bill of sale template when you sell or purchase various items. Here are common reasons to get this document:

  • Personal property sale: Use a bill of sale whenever you are selling or purchasing personal property. This includes a wide range of items, from vehicles and appliances to furniture and pets.
  • Documenting transaction details: A simple bill of sale records key details of your transaction, such as the names of the buyer and seller, description of the item, selling price, and date of sale.
  • Legal proof of sale: The bill of sale document serves as a legal receipt for the transaction, proving that the ownership of the item has been transferred from the seller to the buyer.
  • Protection for both parties: It gives both the buyer and seller an extra layer of protection, helping to prevent misunderstandings about the terms of the sale in the future.
  • Required by law for certain items: In many states, a bill of sale should be notarized to complete the registration and transfer of ownership for vehicles, boats, and other titled property. Always check your local state laws to know if a bill of sale is necessary and whether it needs to be notarized.
  • Supporting registration and tax processes: The bill of sale is often required for tax assessment and registration purposes, especially with vehicles. Tax agencies may use the sale price listed on the bill of sale to calculate the amount of sales tax owed. Here, the bill of sale serves as evidence of the ownership change for registration with the department of motor vehicles or other regulatory bodies.

Whether for the sale of a beloved bicycle or the purchase of a new car, a free printable bill of sale is the core of the deal. It’s a crucial part of a safe transaction, providing both confidence and a legal basis for everyone involved. Since laws and requirements differ from state to state, make sure you’re following the purchase & sale rules specific to your area.

Types of Bill of Sale

There are multiple types of bill of sale examples to cater to different types of personal property transactions:

  • General bill of sale: This can be used for most personal property transactions. If you’re selling items like furniture, electronics, or other common goods, a generic bill of sale would likely cover your needs.
  • Motor vehicle bill of sale: This is required when buying or selling a motor vehicle. This contains more specific information like the vehicle’s make, model, year, VIN, and mileage.
  • As-is bill of sale: This template comes in handy when a person wants to sell items in their current condition. It can be an as-is furniture, equipment, or any motor vehicle. Important details to mention in such templates depend on the item for sale.
  • Firearm bill of sale: This is used for transactions involving firearms to address specific regulations and ensure safety and legality.

Creating bill of sale forms doesn’t have to be complicated. With our free templates, you can easily compose a solid, legally binding document for all kinds of personal property sales. Just pick the free bill of sale form that matches your item and get armed with the knowledge base below.

Terms and Parties of a General Bill of Sale

In a sample bill of sale, the parties and terms are the following:

  • The seller: This is the individual or entity that owns the item and is selling it.
  • The buyer: This is the person who is purchasing the item from the seller.
  • Selling price: The agreed-upon cost the buyer will pay for the item.
  • Item’s description: A complete and detailed description of the item being sold.
  • Date of sale: The specific date the transaction occurs.
  • Representations or warranties: Any guarantees or statements made by the seller about the item’s condition or ownership.

Before you sign, make sure each part of your ready-made printable bill of sale is clear to everyone involved to prevent any future disagreements or confusion. If you’re not sure about any part of the deal, it’s wise to speak with a counterpart or professional lawyer.

How to Create a General Bill of Sale

Editing a blank bill of sale can be a breeze when working with free templates. Follow these steps to make your personal bill of sale template ready to use in further deals:

  • Specify parties: Clearly identify the Buyer and Seller, including full names, addresses, and contact details for both.
  • Describe the item: Provide a detailed description of the item being sold.
  • Sale price: Clearly specify the selling price of the item.
  • Representations or warranties: If applicable, detail any warranties or representations made about the item.
  • Signatures: The final step involves both the buyer and seller signing and dating the document to validate the agreement.

In summary, creating a bill of sale, printable from any device, can be simple and stress-free. After completing your template, share the bill of sale PDF form with the counterparty to let them check all the information on their end. Make sure this document clearly captures the details of your transaction, and it will act as a useful record for the future. Take advantage of easy-to-use free bill of sale templates from Juroform and protect your sales deals with minimal fuss and maximum accuracy.